Harvesting Gravity #1
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 Through my studies of science, I have learned that gravity is in fact, a conservative force....

cannot be that noone has not thought of a (cheap and easy) way to harvest it besides dams and the like. They all dismissed me, since I am not an engineer but at least someone else has come up with a plan! Cudos!!
Sorry but half my comment was erased for some reason. I was trying to say that I was discussing the same idea with friends and they all thoght that is is not possible. But I was certain that since this force is all around us and abundunt, it is bound for someone to have thought about a way to harvest it.
For those of you that do not believe me nor understand, I ask you to please research information about the pendulum effect, true this is not a pendulum, but if a motor rotates too fast yes, it will not ever realize the harvesting of gravity. Otherwise - yes it will, and the only energy expended will be that what is required to begin another gravity cycle.
Thank you kellilly Delete.
Take a ball and toss it up into the air...doesn't it always drop back down into your hand without any further added input or energy from you? Take a rock, or anything that can slide, place it on the side of a near vertical cutting board. Then, slide it upward, it should slide right back down to where it began minus all sources of friction because of gravity. This time place the cutting board horizontally and slide that same object. Did it come back to you? Of course it doesn't, but there a those that will tell you that gravity cannot be used to produce useable work.

This design is similar to the operation of a sewage lift station. In that type of system, energy to a motor or a pump, is expended only one time initially, to lift the "product", in this case "sewage", up to a higher potential energy level and then the product flows downhill through piping. Electrical energy does work on one portion of the system, gravity on the other. Does it actually matter if the weight is from the weight of sewage or if it was weight from another source, like the metal of a pendulum? It is possible; we all use the ability to harvest gravity every day, even the plumbing in your home, regardless if you decide to admit it or not.
Gravity may very well be a conservative force, but will you argue that it is not a downward force? So with this, all that you need is to apply the energy of an upward force on one half of a rotation-minimum, to harvest the downward force of gravity in a complete cycle? While you live on planet Earth I guarantee, that is all you need-to provide the energy for only one half of a rotation.

Sorry I don't believe you can gain energy this way. Force and energy is required from the pendulum to turn the generator, slowing the pendulum and stopping it from continuing its upward movement when generating electricity. Energy is required to move the pendulum to the top. The energy generated from the falling and the energy needed for the lifting would be equal.
Which is why the pendulum is designed of a weight that will always drive the system downward, you pay for or expend only the amount of energy required to get the pendulum back up over the top to start another gravity fall, a new cycle. If the attached pendulum does not have enough weight or mass to drive the entire attached system completely down, it must be made larger, otherwise heavier. The energy would be equal yes, but that is not the point, you only pay for the lifting on the upward rotation and the downward is free. The energy from the pendulum swing only drives the downward rotation. You may be more familiar with rotors that rotate at a high RPM, this driving system would be slow and the rotor would never obtain it’s moment of inertia. The electrical current from a conventional power supply to the motor drives only the upward swing. That’s cool that you don't believe, thanks for the comment!
Julian, do you believe that the Earth is round? Do you believe that gravity pulls down? Do you believe that a motor can drive an attached load upward? You get out what is put in.
The entire purpose for posting these ideas was only to hopefully explain and describe the operation of how an upward curved magnetic propulsion field can in fact be designed and built to actually drive a worthwhile and useable load.
I was told by a very important and helpful attorney, to whom I owe much gratitude, that I have designed and built a “cool toy “. After humiliating myself with a inadequate and faulty comparison to a conventional motor design, I only hope that one person that read this may understand what it was I was actually trying to describe. As I have described with the pendulum, it is a rotatable mass, while with the magnetic propulsion field, motion is not constrained solely to the rolling of a chrome steel ball, motion can be transferred to a central fulcrum, pivot or otherwise a bearing mounted rotor.
I used the example of a ten pound pendulum, you can use a one ounce pendulum, it does not matter, a magnetic propulsion field can be constructed to provide the upward driving force to propel and gravity will always provide the downward force which places the driven element back into the starting position of the curved propelling magnetic propulsion field. If the rotating element weighs ten pounds, or one ounce, it will have the capability to drive any lesser driven load than its own weight utilizing a driving magnetic field with a gravity re-set making it so much more than just a cool toy.
Good luck Andrea Rossi, I hope your Energy catalyzer can transform our world!
I have once had this same idea but it is entirely impossible. You don't seem to realize that energy cannot be created. It is always conserved and the amount of energy in this universe will always remain the same. As you have said you get out what you put in, nothing more or less. If you try to gain from the downward force, you will lose in the upward and so you will not able to cycle again. But if you are stubborn, i challenge you to create this. you are all talk and no showww
Do you realize, that as something is lifted upward, it is gaining potential energy in relation to that source of gravity requiring work to be done? So no, I am not all showww, if you took a look at my experiments in the YouTube link I provided, I have constructed magnetic propulsion ramps that utilize magnetic fields to produce motion and even motion uphill, that do release the driven element at the escape. If you will not admit that energy can be transfered from magnetic fields to the driven element, will you at least admit that motion can transfered from the magnetic fields to the driven element? Don't call it energy then, call it motion if it makes you feel better.
hello if you get the centre part of an electric to move in on its rotation and a weight to turn it while its in and then move out for the torque does anyone understand me
I get it, Yes... like designing the weight to slide into the center of rotation on the upward swing of rotation, then back out to it's furthest extent of the rotor on the downward swing. You would expend less energy on the upward swing, and get more out of the downward swing Great idea.
you could maybe have a flywheal bigger than the electric motor moving in and out
maybe if you had a heavy flywheal on an electric motor shaft outside the motor you wouldnt have to change the polarity as often and save on electricity when it pickes up speed ,joe
maybe if you put 2 or 3 or 4 electric motors up along on the same shaft going trough each motor and timed each motor to torque at just the wright time using polarity change and a flywheal to keep the momentium going wouldnt it work just like an internal cumbustion engine and you could put a clutch on the flywheal and run it trough the usual gearbox on a car ,joe
Hydro-Electric dams harvest from gravity...this cycle is fed from the hydrologic cycle...feed from the sun...it is still producing energy from the weight of the water, harvesting from gravity. Would Hydroelectric dams even work without gravity? Nope. It is called critical thinking. Yes, we can produce energy from all available forces.
if a north magnet repels north and a south magnet repls south and gravity pulles down havnt you got 3 different torques there must be a way of putting them in motion
Already on it, You really should check out my YouTube channel...I'm already on it...Michael Q. Shaw on YouTube, magnetic propulsion with a gravity disconnect, whenever you get a chance. hope you like my experiments!
did you ever look on it as we were in a tipe of invisable fluid on earth ,different than water and different than space did you ever look at like that
“Lift” an object 12 inches, stop, and then open your hand on the ISS, otherwise in space.
Q. How far did the object travel? A. Twelve inches.

“Lift” an object 12 inches, stop, and then open your hand on Earth.
Q. How far did the object travel? A. Twenty-four inches.
You did dot “give” the object that energy. You did not “provide” that downward force, you simply exerted a force against a force. The force exerted by your arm against the downward force of gravity. As that object is lifted upward, yes it gained potential energy. You did not provide it that energy, it gained it by virtue of its elevation.
why does it travel 24 inches on earth then when only lifted 12 ,is it to do with the rotation of the earth ,joe
it has to do with the Earth's gravity..when you lift an object, it gains potential energy. Standard physics claims that you placed that energy when you lifted it, yet you only lifted an object against that existing strength and force of gravity, then it travels back down 100% of the distance it originally traveled upward. But...again you did not provide that downward force. You simply exerted a force against a force.
Gravity already acts like a spring...you get what you give...minus the fee to overcome that force.
Just try it Joe, lift up your mouse 12 inches, stop and let go. Doesn't it travel 24 inches total?
So, did you push it down? Did you provide that energy?
Did you provide that downward "FORCE"?
Even if you recreate this example on the moon, although the gravity is weaker, and the amount of energy you expend less, the object still falls back down, 100% of the distance that it travels upward. You get what you give.
New Radicals, Dreamers disease...Yes you get what you give and it could allow us to produces twice the energy that we do today.
i wasnt thinking 12 inches up and 12 down ,i would say if you got something to work from gravity it would only produce small amounts of energy ,but any is welcome

Here’s an epiphany... according to astronomers isn't our cosmos constantly expanding? Isn't it also expanding at increasing speeds? Doesn't that mean that everything is “perpetually moving” further and further away from everything else even while I lie motionless asleep in bed? Perpetual motion in reality, in existence right here, right now. The devil is in the details.
Doesn't it require energy to move an object with mass any distance? But, if a force moves an object with mass any distance, how is that not the same?
Gravity is in fact, a conservative force, but because it is a constant, consistant force, applied whenever it's source is present, just like a magnetic field...it CAN be used to convert the provided force into energy.
Of course you can use a mass to generate electricity. You simply lifted the mass, you exerted a "FORCE" against a "FORCE" that was present. You did not "GIVE it that energy like we are taught in schools today, because you do not provide that downward "FORCE" you did not make it fall. Awesome video. Keep up the good work.
PotHead you say that I am all talk and no showww...Have you even seen what I have built? Even so, you all should really go check out the Rosch KPP 15 kW Free Energy System Demo June 20, 2015, Spich, Germany. I believe it is an amazing design and it is very obvious how it operates and where the energy comes from, the upward FORCE known as buoyancy..er...a trade secret I am sure, never mind. The only problem with that is the science and physics consensus today does not accept that energy can be derived from forces in particular, even though forces can have the same effect as thermal energy, it can move a mass over a distance otherwise it is called work. Awesome! I truly hope there is no trickery involved and support this effort. Maybe we have not discovered any advanced civilizations in the Cosmos yet because they are not producing extreme excess heat. Maybe they have figured out that you can manipulate certain forces to create energy, not thermal energy.
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