18 December 2016

Add The Vintage Flannel Shirts To Your Closet For The Most Stunning Ensemble Options

The comeback of the old fashion trends has always been welcomed by the style conscious crowd, and the flannel shirts are one of them. They are adored and loved by the men and women who want to look different amidst the everyday monotonous ensemble options. Once known for the grunge fad in the 90’s, today women are giving stiff competition to the men too for embracing them with confidence. The cozy and comfy flannel fabric fused with the classic plaid patterns make way for a wonderful wardrobe staple. Once regarded as an essential menswear, now these shirts have made their swift entry in the wardrobes of the m women too. They are rocking these shirts and slaying them at the parties, offices or weekend errands with utmost perfection.

Adding to this are the leading flannel shirts manufacturers and designers who are inspiring the women to nail with, with creativity and edge, these wholesale designer hubs are crafting the vintage flannel shirts with modish vibes, in an array of styles, designs, and cuts. From the cropped shirt, to sleeveless tunic like ones, the strict formal shirts and a lot more, you will find no shortage in the inventory of the online fashion destinations. These shirts are the perfect fusion of class, attitude and practicality and can help you rescue from any kind of fashion woe. Crisp and edgy, add the collar neckpieces, sexy footwear and chunky bags to them, to break their simplicity and add a dash of panache.

Wondering why they are so in demand? Here lies your answer.

  • Comfortable like none

The flannel fabric is something which we must have in our closets for being so unapologetically comfortable and convenient. The material is found in both cotton and wool, with a fine soft and smooth texture worthy to be worn in any weather conditions. Thus, summer or winter, the flannel shirts will promise you the best feel.

  • Versatility guaranteed

The flannel shirts come in a variety of cuts and silhouettes and are applauded for being so extremely wow worthy and versatile. Even the plain shirt can be worn to the office, to the party, a casual outing or even at the beach. Thus, once shirt will be enough to lend you a number of fashion statements.

  • Tomboyish or feminine?

You are looking forward to a fiercely tomboyish or charmingly feminine look? Or a fusion of both? For this too, the flannel shirt lends a number if scopes. They can be worn with simple belt,denims or goggles for the mannish ensembles and also accessorize with chokers and wristlets or sling bags for feminine silhouette.

  • Move from red and black combo

There was a time when the red and black plaid flannel shirts rules the fashion scenario, and now you will find them in a range of color combinations. Choose the brightneons, or darker hues for a range of attires.

  • Dress them up

You can go for the sloppy and oversized flannel shirts, and wear them like flannel shirts with the slim belts cinched on the waist.

Satiated with the reasons why there trending so much? Here are some of the occasions when you can rock them.

Office scenes
Bored of the usual dress shirts to office? Time to replace them with the funky flannels. Team up the flannel shirts with the pencil skirt or trouser, and keep them buttoned up. Add the blazer or waist coat for the most polished, yet offbeat formal stance.

Party animal
Add the sleek belt to the sloppy and oversized colorful flannel shirt, and wear this with translucent leggings and boots. This is a very punk and smart take on party attire, with the choker neckpiece adding the glam effect.

Beach outings
The sluggish boyfriend flannel shirts can be layered above the bikini, and turned into the beach cover up for the summer outings at the sea shores. Sporty and chic!

Thus, trust your wholesale flannel shirt and count it for different occasions this year with confidence and flair.


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