10 March 2017

All the Great Civilizations, Consciously or Unconsciously, Have Been Mimicked

Most people currently consider modern civilization to have sprung out of nowhere, or perhaps from the Industrial Revolution in Britain, Renaissance in Italy, Age of Reasoning/Discovery in Europe; or people may credit modernization & urbanization to institutions or societal concepts from the US. However, this Eurocentric view overlooks the fact that each successive generation and civilization is built upon previous or concurrent civilizations, much like Ancient Egyptian pyramids, incorporating the successes / rejecting the failures of those other civilizations. In particular, generally-accepted dogma in contemporary society glosses over and dismisses many key contributions from previously important civilizations in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and the Americas. Of course, the modern era dominated by Western civilization will further give rise to future advanced civilizations which must also later give its due credit to the contributions of Western civilization in the last several centuries. In essence, therefore, all the great civilizations of the past, whether consciously or unconsciously, have been mimicked. For further reading, check out:

The Eastern Origins of Western Civilisation



Western Civilisation is Great! Thanx.
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