24 July 2010

Shapes and Patterns that Drive the World

There appear to be 2 main shapes and patterns that drive the world:

(1) straight lines

(2) curves

The combination of straight lines and curves in various amalgamations appear to make up both the natural and the man-made world in which we live. Common shapes that arise from these shapes and patterns include the triangle, square, circle, and ellipse.

It is important to understand the shapes and patterns that drive our world because by understanding the building blocks from which the world is derived, you can have a better understanding of the constructions and technology that can be made or invented from those building blocks. Gears, for example, are highly useful and are comprised of a combination of circles, curves, and teeth protruding out from circles. An array of gears one after another, or working in tandem with each other, is another more complex combination built from single gears, that drives more complicated machinery.

In this way, simpler patterns and shapes give rise to more complicated shapes and patterns, which in turn, creates even greater complexity when used together in various ways.


Do these shapes also represent the universal principles on which we must live our lives? Or are we having tough time living these principles because we neither are aware that they are rooted in these shapes nor understand their importance to our living and lifestyle choices?
I was more thinking of understanding these shapes to help people better understand:
(a) how to invent new inventions, and
(b) how nature assembles its basic building blocks and molecules.
By understanding these aspects, it will help people be more skillful in constructing new constructions, and help people understand limits to the natural world. As you are saying, understanding these may therefore also be extended into affecting our lifestyle choices.
Galileo rolled balls down an inclined plane,and observed the acceleration due to gravity to be geometric over time,the first interval one,then four,..nine...sixteen...all perfect squares.
The electron valences around a nucleus can contain set numbers of electrons.The first is 2,the next is 8,the 3rd is 18. 'Super- symmetrically' this yields 1:4:9
A building block,proportioned 1:4:9 (the square of the first intergers 1 2 3) gives you a brick that stacks in 3 dimensions,It also makes a good mathematical,cosmological model.
I find it ironic albeit speculative but the shape of the moon and sun probabaly caused the invention of both the wheel and gods. The shapes are messages from the gods telling us what to build. It may not be that far fetched a thesis
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