24 July 2010

Machines for Picking Up Tennis Balls

The other day, I saw a tennis instructor picking up tennis balls with a tennis ball hopper (example: ). That seems to be a relatively efficient way of picking up tennis balls, considering most people just use their hands and bend down to pick them up. A tennis ball hopper allows people to pick up balls without bending over, and with greater efficiency.

I was thinking an even quicker way of picking up tennis balls would be to create a machine to pick up tennis balls. Perhaps the machine could recognize the size and color of the ball, and automatically pick up the balls into a basket, almost like a magnet that attracts metals to it. Such a tennis ball pickup machine seemed like a quick and easy way to pick up lots of tennis balls scattered all over the tennis courts. It would probably also need to carve out a boundary for itself so that it doesn't pick up balls from other courts.


Man, sorry, but robotic technology is meant for the lab, we need our means of production to go into tablets and bikes, save lives. You can get fit and healthy by picking it up yourself.
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