31 July 2010

Understanding the Language of Animals

Zoology researchers have for a long time labored on trying to somewhat understand the language of animals.  Dolphins, as mammals, have been thought to possess high intelligence, and people have tried to understand their speaking and singing in the oceans.

I wanted to propose in expending a greater effort and energy in trying to understand the language of a wider variety of animals.  It seems that animals and their languages have a lot to teach us.  Although we do not understand what noises they make, it still might be possible to understand more about their languages and what they are trying to communicate.

These types of studies would have lots of benefits, including giving us a better perspective about our own thinking and language capabilities, and how it fits in with the rest of the animal kingdom.


I believe this is true. I, also, think that within a species there are dialects or even different languages. My Siamese sounded very different from my Tuxedo who sounds entirely different from my tiger striped cat. And when these cats met each other it seemed to take a lot of time for them to understand each other. Not every human speaks English. Meow may be something different for each feline.
that's very interesting
If we can understand these animals we can fully connect with them. It may also allow us to take better care of them because they are telling us exactly what they need / want.
yes, that's very true that understanding them will help us better understand their needs
I agree.... the emotions shown by our Toulouse are unbelievable. Especially when he doesn't get his way or expects something from us and doesn't get it.... he'll make sure he tells us and/or shows us that he is mad and shows it by patting on the leg by his paws or at times by biting
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