5 August 2010

Improved Rechargeable Battery Systems

For this idea, I was originally going to take a photo of the camera battery in my Casio Exilim EX-S10BK 10MP digital camera, and then I just realized that if I take the battery out, my camera would not work.  That's yet another reason I think we need improved rechargeable battery systems.  The original reason I had thought for improved rechargeable battery systems was that in this digitized world, I was still spending extra time recharging batteries, a task which could be more automated, and one that was not needed when people had ordinary cameras, as they could just pop in a regular battery.

My preferred improved rechargeable battery system is to have three, and not just the regular two components, to the rechargeable battery system.  There would actually be the regular charger, plus the regular rechargeable battery.  In addition, there would be an intermediary energy component that recharges the rechargeable battery within the camera or other device itself when the energy for the regular battery is low.  Once that intermediate component depletes its own energy, it would then need to be charged with the regular charger at a wall outlet.

An advantage of this is that the camera could still continue to be used even if the intermediary component was being charged.  Also, the intermediary component could act as a temporary battery if we wanted to take out the regular rechargeable battery.  A disadvantage of this system is that the extra component might make the device heavier, although with today's improved engineering methodologies, that may soon not be a problem.

Another solution could be to have more standardized and universal rechargeable battery systems compatible among different electronic devices and manufacturers.  Once the battery from one device runs low, it could be readily replaced by a rechargeable battery that had been already recharged from the wall outlet and just waiting to be used.


Standardization is a problem everywhere. Otherwise, there wouldn't be vendor lock-in.
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