7 August 2010

Making Your Life Easier

I spend a lot of time quietly observing the world.  I guess that's just my style.

I notice that a lot of the time, people tend to make their lives more complicated than it needs to be.  Perhaps they are used to that way of living, and it has become a habit.  They may not recognize that they are doing so, and thus continue.

For example, sometimes I see people playing basketball with their faces towards the sun when there is another hoop that is not in the same direction as the sun, which would allow them not to have the sun shine in their face.  Another example is similar to in the book, Where Did Time Fly, where it says it's easier to just wait for the next bus if the previous bus is full, I like to take an emptier bus even if I need to wait a bit longer.  It's easier this way instead of getting onto a full bus and needing to stand and maneuver through a crowded bus.

It seems that people can take some more time to consider whether they can make their lives easier and simpler, which likely would give them greater happiness.


You practice many sports facing into the sun so you have an advantage when you are playing. Instead of being blinded, you know how to your eyes on the ball.
Oh, I see, that's why they do it.
شيئ رائع ان تمر الحياة هكذا بعيدا عن الهموم والمتاعب بدون ازعاج او مشاكل فالحياة بسيطة وليست معقدة الى هذا النحو الذي نراه بشكل يوميو قد أصبح شيئ مكروه
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