23 January 2012

Using Ideas to Gauge Competence

 It's easy to make a buck. It's a lot tougher to make a difference. - Tom Brokaw

With many aspects of current society, including morals, financial institutions, and perhaps our purpose in life, seemingly on the verge of collapse, people may ask, what has gone wrong?  Despite unprecedented levels of prosperity and advances technologically in the past century, something in the system appears to have gone wrong.

Our distant ancestors would have required to rely on their wits to survive and thrive in the world that they lived.  However, modern conveniences and abundances have often stripped this keen survival instinct from 21st century humans, as the requirement to truly survive is much lower.  Usually, this is much better, as it allows us to develop our higher cognitive capabilities and higher selves.  On the flip side, the abundances reaped from these technological advances and inventions have also made people lazier and less inclined to truly think how to solve problems.  Although there are still many outstanding problems required to be solved, most people just need some money in order to survive.  

Today's capitalist world, with its origins in the Industrial Revolution and such innovations as the assembly line, often rewards people just based on their physical presence, or the amount of time that they put into an endeavor.  Rather than the amount of skill, the amount of effort, or whether someone has good morals, these factors are often neglected when just judging people based on the amount of time they spend on a task.  This time can be either an hourly wage, a monthly wage, or a yearly wage.  

Sometimes, as a necessity, it's good to reward people based on just their presence.  However, if this is done excessively or to an extreme, as in the case of our modern society with 7 billion people and most people living this way, it can lead to a society without purpose and without a keen sense to improve their lives.

It is therefore imperative that a much better way for people to improve themselves as a lot is to use ideas to gauge their competence.  By rewarding people based on good ideas that have merit, people have more incentive to produce good ideas.  Rather than the current system, where valuable ideas are often stifled or even ridiculed, new and innovative ideas need to form the bedrock foundation of our future technologically advanced society, just as it did when we first started roaming the earth hundreds of thousands of years ago. This is a route that would make our ancestors much more proud of us.

AeyTimes has often tried to be at the forefront of this new revolution to reward people based on their ideas.  For example, Ideas for Hire on AeyTimes is an instance that lists tasks where people are judged more on the merits of their ideas to give them both satisfaction in life, as well as monetary rewards.  By giving people gains based on their sound ideas, it thus encourages people to live in a way that helps their personal growth, and that of our culture and society.


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