14 March 2012

Water used for magnification

Some people have found that it is possible to use a drop of water as a magnification device for their phone cameras. It is a good technique to try to photograph smaller objects that you want to photograph.



Are phone cameras water proof?
They aren't waterproof, so they were careful not to get water in any cracks. It's a clever method, but definitely not a convenient one, since you also have to make sure the water droplet does not jiggle. This is impossible if you are holding the camera with your hand. Buffalo Bills Jerseys Carolina Panthers Jersey Chicago Bears Jerseys Cincinnati Bengals Jerseys Cleveland Browns Jersey Dallas Cowboys Jerseys Denver Broncos Jerseys Detroit Lions Jerseys Green Bay Packers Jerseys Houston Texans Jerseys Indianapolis Colts Jerseys Jacksonville Jaguars Jerseys Kansas City Chiefs Jerseys Miami Dolphins Jerseys Baltimore Ravens Jerseys Atlanta Falcons Jerseys NFL Jerseys
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