6 September 2010

Calendar Paperclips

This is one of the few inventions I came up with on my own.

So, instead of ripping off the previous month's calendar and throwing it away, or using tape to tape up the subsequent month, what I currently do is to place two paperclips on both the top right and top left corners of the calendar (see red ovals in image below).  That way, it's easier to flip to the next month in the calendar, while keeping the calendar relatively intact.


Could you use magnets to hold the pages together, one on the back on each side and one on the front on each side. That way, if you wanted to use the pictures for something else, they won't get damaged or creases from the paperclips?
I believe magnets would work if you had a metal surface on the back, and placed magnets on the front. If you had your calendar on the fridge, for example, that would probably work, and allow you to use the pictures for other uses, as you suggest.
Yawn, 3items now read, all ideas in use already. Come on people, get creative. I've done the paperclip & the magnets for this reason for the past 30years!
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