6 September 2010

An Extended Numbering System

One good way to extend the decimal system if there are a lot of items to keep track of is to use letters instead of numbers. Since there are 26 letters in the English alphabet, that allows for more combinations.

For example, if people have two digits, there are 26 x 26 = 676 combinations, starting from AA all the way to ZZ. This is compared to 10 x 10 = 100 combinations if people start from 00 and go to 99.

Some examples in the everyday world, such as license places in some locations, use a combination of letters and numbers, which is another possibility to have an extended numbering system.


This is used every day in programming except that we include upper and lower case letter. If you look at a "short url" such as those from, etc. that is what you are looking at.

The address for this page is 9Pfw. Which is 22,43652 in decimal.
Your 36 numeral system would be base 36 and 9Pfw would calculate to be 4 52,876.

There are many systems other than the decimal system. Base 16 is known as hexadecimal, base 8 is octal.
That sounds very interesting. Yes, I guess that would save space/time to have a larger base system.
I've looked at 2"so called" ideas on this site, and so far, both are already in use!
I think an "idea" is simply a way of doing something. It's totally fine that they're already in use.

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