30 September 2010

Buying and Selling Websites As An Investment

Most people when buying an item think of an actual physical product that they can hold and view directly.  With the advent of the internet and high technology solutions, these days purchases can be more of a virtual nature, where you buy a more intangible good.  At the same time, many people pay for these virtual products because they offer value to their lives, and improve their lives in some way.

Websites, as a virtual product, are a potentially lucrative investment strategy.  Websites contain value because for the most part, real people laboured their time, energy, and thoughts on building the site.  Even though not a tangible prodfuct, these efforts are viewable in the website that is produced.  Buying reasonably cheap websites are therefore a good investment strategy.  If you have time and expertise, building your own site and selling it in the future is also a great way to make money.

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