9 November 2010

Your thought Power


        YOUR THOUGHT. 


  • Who do you confide in with your thought?
  • The one you confide in with your thought can make you gain or lose.
  • Know who you share your thought with.
  • Your thought is the most powerful asset that is part of you.
  • Your thought can make you go beyond the skies .
  • Without good use of your thought your knowledge and skills is nothing.
  • Your thought can make you famous and vice versa.
  • The way you thought, is who you are.
  • What you thought is what you say.
  • Your thought can give you life and also take it.
  • Your thought power is pretty amazing because you can literally think things into existence, into your reality right now.
  • Use your thought wisely and you will be successful in life.

The power of knowledge is ultimate power. When truth screams for unharnessing, we must tell it. The problem is what to do with the truth. So many times co-workers and friends have asked "Now what are you going to do with this information?" THIS IS WHY I BLOG.

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