5 June 2010

meaningful life

hollow kitty http://hollowkitty.blogspot.com/

a guidance counselor once asked me.. what is my greatest dream.. and i answered her.. i want to be a saint.. i know a lot of people will laugh at this.. like my classmates did.. but i really meant that time was.. i want to help people.. i want to have a meaningful life.. this is what i have been thinking.. i do not want to spend my life trying to get rich.. trying to please the people around me and yet what i do doesn't really make me happy.. i want to have meaning in everything i do.. but i can't seem to find any.. and i can't seem to find any sense with what i am doing.. with my work.. with life.. with everything.. why am i here?



The fact that you're feeling this way at all is the first step to finding out what will give your life meaning. Fortunately or unfortunately, there is nothing "out there" that can endow things with meaning for you. It is entirely your decision. Ask yourself what is meaningful to you, without reference to any other person, agenda or consideration. And whatever the answer is, it is your answer and it is enough.
Admirable! Will look at your blog soon, but I suggest "free association", the practice that amounts to meditation, it is wonderful and can be understood as accepting whatever your mind submits to your soul. That does not mean everything has to be given credence, especially when others try to intervene. Much love, only names are hollow (;
I remember exactly how this feels, and by talking with another, I heard that you could open your heart. We can have meaningful lives, and though I still struggle as before, my life makes more sense. Deep down I wanted to be of service,even though I knew not how,and slowly that is being revealed in my world view. I love you
But why u want to help peoples? why you want to be saint ? why don't u want to be devil? what is meaningful life ? what if u r living meaningful life ? who knows? don't messed up with what peoples what u to be ,what society want u to be.Follow your inner part.
we all strugle in this life and you wont be happy all the time ,i think it is fantastic that you want to help people ,you are truly one of gods children ,i think having a spiritual side to your life is important ,i wish you good luck

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