27 November 2010

Argument 1 - Intelligence ?

Why is it that society now dictates how intelligent some one is, only by there level of education. For instants in science the last outsider allowed in to the loving arms of the world of physics is Faraday. Einstein, Newton and many more, didn’t have a degree, they were taken on there knowledge and accepted as intelligent. Einstein did his best work as a patient clerk. After six years of research in 60 some odd fields of science, by the way Mr. Minister of Energy; No, the science doesn’t have any contradictions, it speaks volumes in cooperation. Science is about figuring out how this or that works, technology figures out how to use it. The problem is the amount of education required for a project like ours would take twenty years to accumulate, and millions of dollars. The freedom of information acts provided the information for this project, free. Yes, dependent on how you use it, the problem is to get corporations and governments to listen.
Our project information has been verified, my mathematical are express correctly, and the theories quoted are also express correctly. The design has been done before, on a much small scale, called the spherical compacter. Magnetic memory bubbles have been made. We are simply taking or using all the science we know and all the technology we already have and combining them. It is an intelligent engine, designed for space (big).
That’s were the trouble starts, Canada doesn’t have a space program, we only deal with robotic arms, great I am proud of Canada’s achievements, but we need to do something to open this up. Canada should be the first country to build space ships. Industry is dying; our markets are flooded with useless products, which just fill our land sites.
 The over all population has grown to the point, that no one really has a direction or worth in society. When was the last time anyone felt secure in there job, when was the last time you said I love my job, I feel like I am making a difference. I know there are LOTS of people that dream about space and hope that someday we could go out there, not just skim the edges ( for 200,000 a ride) no offence but I want more. I would like to see our precious industry moved off the planet. That alone would bring down our pollution levels down by over half. (Just a guess) The point being that, the money aside (everything boils down to money), there would be jobs for every walk of life. Our children would actually have a future, possibly even a clean planet to live on.
I know we all feel it is our God given right to have a car, fine, but we have to stop using fossil fuels the way we are. Hybrid are available, do we need legislation to tell us in 5 years, there will be NO fossil fuel cars allowed. Oh no, that would damage the economy, especially in Alberta, Oil capital. Don’t worry, start changing over now, and avoid the crush. Nothing will ever get done if we don’t even start, yes, some of it might hurt. Buck-up.
Alberta would make a great place to set up a ship building industry. Jobs would be created for all, contracts for other industries, even instilling cooperation between countries, do we dare hope? A movement for Space exploration is on. Let’s colonize space. More to come on patients, corporation mentality, etc.

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