8 June 2010

Smell Transmission

I'm not sure if this is possible. Earlier last century, people thought that it was impossible to transfer images through empty space and see them. Well, humans have amazingly arrived at this stage. We can now transfer images through wireless networks to computers, or mobile signals to cell phones. It really seems rather amazing.

Therefore, I was thinking maybe one interesting possibility is to transfer the scent of a certain aroma from one place to another. Granted, humans do have many more smell receptors in their noses, so transmitting smell may be much more complicated than transmission of visual images or of sound. Still, I thought it was an interesting idea to consider.


i would like to see more research done on pheromones, their effect on the human brain, and how animals can perceive them from miles away. Humans need a bit closer proximity as our sense of smell is not as sensitive. ideally we could develop a pheromone detector that could expose those using them illegally to influence people without their knowledge, like using it on a job interview to gain favor with the interviewer, only later to break their heart.
Hmmm, Interesting.
Cool. Smells are actually broken off and floating particles of the object right? Sounds like you'd need tubes, not electrical wires.
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