9 January 2011

Physiological Basis of the Subconscious

When I grew up as kid, the more that I wanted a goal to come to fruition, the more tense I would become to try make that goal come to fruition. However, I have in the last several years found out after reading and hearing from several independent sources that actually relaxing - instead of making tense - the brain, in particular the subconscious mind, will more readily help you achieve your goals. However, I was still not sure what was the physiological basis for that.

I have recently thought about this dilemma of why relaxing the subconscious mind helps to better achieve your goals. I recently hypothesized that perhaps what is happening is that if we are tense, our brain muscles and nerves tighten. Our subconscious mind therefore wants to prevent itself from having such a state. Hence, if we want to attain a goal, it is much better to relax our subconscious mind so that our mind will more favorably turn to our goal and our wishes. In this way, we can better align our dreams, goals, desires, and wishes with the physical reality of the world, making them come true.


اللاشعور هو نعمة ولاكن احيانا ينقلب على صاحبه فالمدخن في اللاشعور يحسب السيجارة ويدخنها.اللاشعور باطني وكثيرا ما نريد من ذكرياتنا المرة وان صح التعبير الغير جيدة ان تبقى في اللاشعور ولاكن فجأة تصبح أمامنا نستشعر مرارتها و بئسها وياليت الأيام تعود الى الوراء لكي نصلح أخطاءنا
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