11 January 2011

Windows Training-Is Your Windows Copy Authenticated?

The next step after installing the latest version of the operating system is to set up and install some useful software. You could buy a pirated copy at a very cheap price. However, it is when you run it for the first time you will know from the flashing error message that you have bought fake software. Suppose you choose to download a copy of Window from the net, it may not be a validated copy for all you know. This can land you in trouble. Here are 3 simple steps to overcome this:

Step 1: Validate

First and foremost, make sure the windows you use is original. To help you, Microsoft has a validation process in place. Just get into their site and find the 'validate' button on the left side of the page. Click on that or follow some instructions listed on the website to get your Windows validated. Should the validation process fail, then there's no way you can proceed with an unvalidated copy.

Step 2: Authentication

Validation of the copy is followed by authentication.For this, click on 'windows update' on the start menu. This option is available on both windows vista and 7. Once you click on the button, windows will generate a list of software needed for updating. If windows fails to generate the updated list, then choose 'All programs' followed by 'windows update'. When you choose this manual process, the system would shoot set of questions and then lead you to thr 'authenticate windows'options. Once you click on that button, your windows information will be sent to the main server. However, should your windows copy be fake, then it'sot possible to download the updates. If not, updates will be easily installed.

Step 3: Troubleshooting

Microsoft is ready to offer support in case of technical glitches. A representatibve will help you find the type of error and guide you through the right process to solve the problem. If you have problems despite having an authenticated copy, then Microsoft will quickly resolve the issue. However, if the copy is fake, then there's no way you can get it fixed. Never compromise on quality to save a few bucks. Always busy original copies when you shop for OS, office suites and anti-virus software.  


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