17 June 2010

Making the Earth Invisible

Stephen Hawking recently mentioned that he believed it might be wiser for Earthlings to not draw attention from aliens in outer space. This is because he suggested that intelligent beings from elsewhere in the universe might be far more advanced than humans technologically, and may destroy our civilization if they find us.

I was therefore thinking about the possibility of making the entire Earth invisible. I don't how that would be done. I recently listened to the commentary on DVD of the animated film "G-force" by director Hoyt Yeatman, who noted that people are already developing stealth suits to try to make people invisible. Sounds quite interesting.

I'm not sure how feasible it would be, though, to do it on a large scale, such as making the entire Earth invisible from extraterrestrial beings. I guess that there's still a possibility that intelligent beings elsewhere may be so much more advanced that even if we made the Earth invisible, they could still detect it somehow at a certain frequency of the electromagnetic spectrum.


What a great sci-fi idea :-) The answer I think lies in your last sentence: nomatter what we come up with to "hide" ourself from any potential e.t., they would (if they wanted to) detect us in ways we can't understand. But my guess is that if it is advanced life out there (which there has to be right), they would probably have little interest in us as I would belive we are (still) quite primitive in this scale.

Thanks. That's true they may have little interest in us if they're much more advanced than we are.

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