18 January 2011

Structuring Society or School as a Choir

In elementary school, I loved to join, sing in, and listen to choirs.  I thought the sounds from the vocals were quite amazing, and awe-inspiring.  I also enjoyed playing team sports, not so much for the competition, but more for the team spirit and cooperation.

One of the main structural flaws currently existing in society is the framework through which most people are brought up, or must live through their life.  Most of life or society, starting from school, encourages people to excel, to compete, and to be individualistic.  These include, specifically, getting top marks, achieving high scores to beat the opponent, competing with others to get good jobs, or trying to quash their business competitors.  Although these traits of aiming for excellence, competing to do your best, and being creatively individualistic are admirable attributes, they can leave a society with much yearning (for people who do less well) and with many holes (as people single-mindedly compete on a pre-determined goal).

I would like to propose the main structural framework for society to aim for more of a cooperative atmosphere, which aims mainly for specialization and an understanding that each person has their role and usefulness in society.  A choir is a reasonable analogy, as different voices combine to contribute to an overall harmonic and heavenly sound.  Many other similar analogies can be applied, including instrumental ensembles, or the use of one hand to complement that of another hand.  Although specialization does exist in society to some point today, the degree and variety of specialization has definitely not kept pace with the ever growing human population.

By aiming to have different people contribute in different ways, such as by rewarding helpfulness or true friendliness, and not necessarily rewarding high numbers such as people who make the most money, people in various arenas of society can feel more appreciated and have a greater sense of belonging in the ever more vast pool of human talent that can be warmly encouraged and nurtured.



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