19 January 2011

What is an Idea ?

The definition of an idea can by quite broad.  Like many words in a language, an idea can encompass many different concepts, and there is probably no single definitive definition for the word.

Here are some possible ways to define an idea:

(1) A new thought that arises after thinking

(2) A new way of behaving or performing

(3) A technological invention

(4) A scientific discovery

(5) A better or clearer understanding of a previously known concept

(6) A way of approaching the world

What are your thoughts on the meaning of an idea ?


A solution for any kind of problems or inconvenience is also a Idea.
An idea, does seem to have a quality, like light, possibly timeless, like a photon in space travelling to its destination.
I believe that growing up requires the shutting down of certain childish aspects of the brain, and that the various instruments we've inherited amount to our ancestors speaking to us. I truly believe this in a metaphysical sense, that we are a result of our ancestors. (there is no iluminati, conspiracy theories are for the paranoid, but our world is awesome and mystical)
First it is word. It is an abstract construct. It is something that in a sense is godlike as it did not exist before we created it. If we truly created it, Our brains electronic impulses operate at the speed of light.I cannot even imagine how many ideas we process in single minute.A pretty amazing switching system.So it seeems to me that logically an idea starts as an electrical impulse converts to a abstract construct then converts to concrete constuct.That may be even be a voice in your head. Just an idea. curry one curry 1 shoes air max pas cher homme air max mujer air max hombre air max homme air max 90 femme air max 90 homme air max 90 mujer air max 90 hombre roshe run damen roshe run herren roshe run homme roshe run femme roshe run baratas roshe run mujer air max zero roshe run cheap cheap roshe runs cheap roshe run Cheap Curry One good seller nike shoes Air Max 2016 Pas Cher 2015 Air Jordan Retro 2016 Air Jordan Shoes Odell Beckham Jr Jersey

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