20 June 2010

Share Ideas on Oil Spill

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The BP oil spill, or Deepwater Horizon oil spill, has been going on for quite a long time now since it occurred more than two months ago. It seems like one of those problems that overly optimistic people said could have easily been solved. Perhaps if they had realistically assessed the situation, they may have originally come up with a more long-term solution that could have better addressed the problem.

My idea is that probably the best way to not have an oil spill occur would have been to better research the technology behind such oil drilling. If a better undertanding of the methods and process of such drilling had earlier been undertaken, such disasters would have been more manageable. Since the oil spill has already occured, one way is just to contain different parts of the spill as much as possible even if the spill cannot be entirely revived. Longer-term consequences of this disastrous spill should also be carefully planned for and analyzed.

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Granulated wax sprinkled on spilled oil,will cause it to polymerize enough that it can be physically recovered, instead of trying to disperse it into the general enviroment.You can apply it to furred and feathered animals to facilitate removal of oil without having to resort to solvents. att. to Willie Nelson,Perth, Ontario,Canada
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