21 June 2010

Blow Out Containment Device

The following is a flow-thru restrained pipe to repair damaged pressurized pipe and collect the product flowing through it. The flow thru pipe is attached to a second pipe which is larger and contains restraining bolts to attach to the existing pipe. The inner pipe has bladders to expand against the inner existing pipe. this allows the product to flow through the inner pipe while the outer pipe is restrained to prevent movement against pressure. There is a series of relief valves at the upper end of the outer pipe to help relieve pressure while the installation is taking place. Once the device is in place the restraining bolts can be tightened to prevent movement. The bladders can then be expanded against the existing damaged pipe and once sealed the relief valves can then be apparatuses. A valve can be attached to the inner pipe to regulate flow or collect it or even stop it completely. We have built a prototype on a smaller scale and have photos available as well.

Contact me at 954.964.2006 and ask for Kelly
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