28 January 2011

modified scoring for games between unequally skilled players

Board games tend to suffer from uneven matchups. Often the best games are those that are "close," between players of fairly even skill. Since close games are won by small margins, it rewards players for habits that make them marginally better.

For those who would prefer to win typically by a close margin rather than a landslide, a modified scoring system can help. Perhaps the more skilled people needs to score more points; or perhaps the set standard will be for them to win two games out of three.

There is a saying, "from one who is given much, much will be expected." I think this attitude can help a good gamer not to rest on one's laurels, and help a less talented gamer to be less discouraged


that's a really great idea that helps to modify the level of the game!
lol!! winning. "cap" as it's know. I do think game theory applies to current events. No one is ever really going to be straight with you, so you need to get over your own discouragements. Various green revolutions could use more handicap against oppressive regimes, i. e. Libya. (especially now syria, yemen) see accessnow.org

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