22 June 2010

School Social Network

Computers are becoming more important in schools. Nowadays, many documents are required to be typed. Many documents are also distributed online by teachers. Many tasks can be facilitated by a centralized website for distribution and interaction. With social networks on the rise, its power can be harnessed to help students. These social networks can make use of information available only from the school, such as what class a student has in what period. This can make organizing activities easier, as well as allowing teachers a centralized method for distributing content. To encourage the use of this educational social network, developers can provide integration with preexisting social networks to ease the introduction to the new system.

I now work at home,and information is more available to me now,than when I was in school,the ability to surf librarys,and handle logistics saves you effort.For example,two blue dots plus nine blue dots, equals...
Computers play a big role in experimental schools, as well as affluent schools. I hope and think it is becoming commonplace to have computers in libraries. Relevant idea.
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