31 January 2011

Famous Ancient Egypt Inventions - Historical Inventions and Ideas Series, Idea 9

Ancient Egypt and Ancient Egyptians were some of the most creative, innovative, and technologically advancing civilizations in human history.  Their culture more than 5 thousand years ago from about 3000 BC, and lasting several almost timeless millennia, made major to advances in many aspects of life (and perhaps afterlife), and to these concepts and inventions, we owe them a great deal.  Below, we list some famous Ancient Egyptian inventions:

(1) Egyptian Pyramids:  One of the icons of human architecture, the construction and building of the Ancient Egyptian pyramids have been one of the most timeless monuments and landmarks in history.  The difficulty and enormity of the projects undertaken are awe-inspiring.  It shows that even though humans are sometimes "Dust in the Wind", we can still achieve great wonders.

(2) Mummification:  Mummies are another superb and famous example of Egyptian creativeness and ingenuity.  Their mummification preservation processes have been another testament to their civilization's ability to withstand the major challenges from the test of time.

(3) Egyptian Hieroglyphs and Papyrus Rolls:  As stated on our historical idea on the Most Important Inventions of Humanity, writing and language have been one of the cornerstone, pivotal progresses that have allowed our young civilization to progress so rapidly in the last several millennia.  In this regard, hieroglyphics and papyrus (the word from which the etymology of the word "paper" derives) have been instrumental tools to help humans better communicate and pass down key knowledge to future generations.


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