14 February 2011

Love Yourself by Making Yourself Feel Comfortable

Being Valentine's Day today, I thought it might be good to discuss love today:

I grew up in the 80s listening to one of the all-time truly great songs, "Greatest Love of All", sung by Whitney Houston (inserted here as a music video).  However, I'm not sure if I've really had too much true practice with loving myself until more recently. Being able to successfully block out noise from what society wants or expects is actually quite difficult, and it takes a lot of practice to love yourself.

Besides from this song, I have also heard from many separate sources advising people to treat yourself well and to be good to yourself.  Only then, will you be able to treat others well.  I've certainly tried to live my life in that way for a long time, but I think at the same time, I physically did a lot of activities that were contrary to loving myself and my personal health. 

More recently, I'm really starting to internalize this and really treat myself well, as well as love myself. I have been doing this by practicing more to make myself feel more comfortable both physically and mentally.  I have found that repetitively and frequently practicing the act of making myself feel more at ease, and feel greater comfort throughout my body, is a helpful way to love myself.

Previous books on emotional intelligence, such as the Art of Leading Yourself: Tap the Power of Your Emotional Intelligence, have also immensely helped people use their emotions to better guide their lives so that they really are loving themselves more.


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