18 February 2011

Big Bang or Global Warming Alternatives

The Big Bang theory on the creation of the universe and the Global Warming theory on the temperature shift of the Earth are two popular scientific theories.  One problem with the mentality of these currently popular scientific theories, such as the global warming theory or big bang theory, is that they don't take into account the cyclical nature of the universe and the natural world. 

Of course, I'm not the first to propose alternatives to these popular ideas or theories, as many other people recognize problems with these models.  The Earth, for example, has long been recognized to undergo periodical epochs of heating and cooling.  Without getting into all the experimental details or results, many of which I don't fully understand myself, the big bang and the global warming theories as concepts may provide an explanation to a predefined time period, but are unlikely to be the entire story. 

Even if we take a similar event to the Big Bang, such as a supernova explosion, the star would have contained an equilibrium period where it stayed essentially at approximately the same mass and size for a period of time.  In other words, before the supernova explosion occurred, it was not generally continually expanding, and in fact, in most of its history the star had existed in a steady state. 

These single-dimension scientific theories have been so popular, widespread, and ingrained for so long perhaps it is an easy way to explain nature.  However, these theories are, at best, incomplete.  Biological evolution may very well have had a more of a beginning, since evolution is generally more multi-factorial, as there are many aspects that have evolved.  Continental drift is also reasonable, as continents can drift into different configurations over time, so their exact locations are highly variable. 

However, with respect to expansion (whose direct opposite is contraction) for the Big Bang Theory, and warming (whose direct opposite is cooling) for the Global Warming Theory, those are single variables, which are likely to exist in more of a cyclical nature.  In other words, the acceleration of galaxies far apart from each other will likely be proceeded by the contraction of galaxies, and global warming may lead subsequently to global cooling from the homeostatic mechanisms of the Earth. Although theories such as the Big Bang or Global Warming allow for easy explanations of natural phenomena, a more comprehensive approach would provide a better and grander understanding of the world.


This is an interesting ,multi-faceted link,because our current models are built with what we understand today, Quantum Cosmology, hopes to unify the large and the small,trying to understand our world,and the universe.There is good geological observational evidence suggesting there was once a " Snow Ball Earth".
Climate Change is popular sure, but it's a reality that people have been fighting since the 60's. The backlash to it has been manufactured from the base accusation that greens are "doomsayers" heralding the end of the world, when really the consequences are mostly felt by the "natural" world, which at this point has been butchered. That being said, good work looking out for the complete theory, you're certainly part of the solution.
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