28 February 2011


Do we have it in our power to choose to be good or evil?

People spend so much time trying to find the meaning of life that they forget to live.

Too many people think inside the box.

The future is not spelled out in black and white. Life covers the entire color spectrum.

Greed is the path to evil.

It's funny how you first start drugs to feel good then your do them just to feel normal.

You learn more if you shut up and just listen.

Death begins in a blink of an eye so remember to live every day as if it was your last.

Its hard for people to tell the difference between the price and value of something.

Remember not to reject philosophy. It is this that is the search for wisdom.

Life is to short to harbor hatred.

Love-putting others needs above your own.

In the end no amount of money or possessions can keep you from death. When God wants your life God will take it.

Once you hit rock bottom there is no place to go except up.

Remember to let your emotions guide you and NOT control you.

Empathy- Thinking of what others are going through instead of yourself. Be empathetic and not sympathetic.

Desire leads to suffering and greed. Be mindful of this and try hard to avoid desire.

Be kind to other even if they are not kind to you. Lead by example.

Do the right thing because it's right and not for the reward.

Remember to forsake our human nature and embrace our divine nature.

Remember that free will is a gift. It's only a curse if you use it wrong.

True happiness cannot be bought. It must be earned. Don't be fooled by modern society image of happiness. Materials means nothing.

Remember love is an action not an emotion.

Find the meaning of knowledge through philosophical thinking then find wisdom.

What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for other will live on long after we are dead and buried.



I'm an anti-nominalist, believing that words are hollow. Inevitably one has to talk about themselves when explaining their ideas. A sincere listener amounts to a prudent skeptic; one able to hear what someone means, in between the lines. Inevitably that person will grasp the other's greatest fears more than anything else, and so I believe evil is real only to the extent we fear and feel it. Love amounts to empathy. I am writing my thesis on the virtues of neurotic forward thinking. Everyone lives on a scale of mania versus depression. A center is livable but not a straight line. Bipolar patients could represent an emergent (natural) experiment in the next step of human intelligence, one where slight mania is commonplace and allows us to take on multiple ideas at once. For the manic patient, asking too many questions is commonplace and easy. The end of time has been here for a little while, but we don't all feel the love yet. :D (smiley face from pop culture) Viral is powerful and can be harnessed for good. We can end poverty. We can save biological diversity. Air Max Günstig 2016 air max damen air max herren Air Max Baratas Mujer air max baratas air max mujer air max hombre air max herren air max 90 damen air max homme air max femme roshe run pas cher Roshe Run Femme Pas Cher air max femme pas cher air max womens air max zero air max 2016 drose 6 d rose 6 boost

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