4 March 2011

Advertising for Augmented Reality

As mobile devices are becoming more ubiquitous, there have been attempts to build applications that use augmented reality to provide the user with information about a person's surroundings. Augmented reality works by using a camera to take a picture of the environment a user is in, and using GPS to track user location and orientation, and then an application can process the image to include useful information by creating an overlay on top.

One such application of augmented reality is Wikitude. There are many advertising opportunities that can come from this platform, since an advertisement can now seemingly interact with the real world, so it is no longer limited to a 2D poster on the wall.


Green idea after green idea from the anthropocean era, the end of traditional time, where humans shape the world. I believe "natural" is now a butchered word. We could save thousands of lives by having a smart phone in the hands of a person every 50 miles. Change the plight of people everywhere, change the meaning of words themselves, I propose we start with the negative connotations of "technicality" like "technically" we can't give you a loan so therefore you starve.
I have been using an iphone camera, to paste images from the computer's monitor screen. When I take a photo, reflection off the screen's surface, often superimposes an extra ghost image, of myself taking the picture.
There is no reason why people should starve,yet it is undeniably happening.
How "about" the positive connotations of technically its possible to save thousands of thousands of lives by putting a smart phone in the hands of people everywhere, which is a technicality of a fair trade such that we all don't starve in this anthropocean era.
You can be certain the world will over time, self organize, and we can learn to change the Plight of People everywhere, a worthy and desirable goal, in a time when there is a need for clearly articulated goals and directions.
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