13 March 2011


 It's become clear to me, that the curvilinear geometry,of arched intersecting planes,describes well,an intersection of multiple building blocks, at the orbit-fold. This also sounds like current unified models.Lighter, simpler symmetries, that calm the quantum foam,and ultimately must fame the overall fine structure,of the universe. The picture shown is done in 3D Sketch Up,and shows an x-ray view of the orbit-fold intersection,of multiple block's. Being able to generate these images,is fascinating,and beautiful,and I am constantly learning more, like, it's okay to be wrong.



This is interesting. These symmetries remind of the opposites and contrasts, as proposed by Taoism and Taoist theory ( )
You're saying you generate images, I don't understand of what. Awesome though.
The images are close up views of curvilinear building blocks,done with 3D sketch up,x-ray enhanced. It is the basic geometry of blocks meeting blocks,at a common intersection.I then take a picture of the image on the screen,which adds depth.
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