2 April 2011


 Again this is 3D Sketch up," x- ray"  view, of  multiple 1:4:9 panels.

In mathematics the standard model is the 3D cube, so when I was looking at the dimensions of multiple object groups, I was aware that topologically complex shapes can be a homomorphism to a Genesis of simple models,which means if the model works,you can solve for complexitys.  in plan view and working 2D A good example is the unit brick,1:2,and known to produce elaborate floor plans.The volume of the space is then extrapolated from plan veiw. This means in model terms the cube is solid and simple, no holes. It seemed a natural thing, to try to build a 9x9x9 3D cube with the 1:4:9 brick, and this is what I got.



So, what fills the gaps is your question. Not a physics guy, but would the gap be filled with some sort of vacuum or something? As I understood the singularity, it is the point at which all human communication reaches a fever pitch and world peace ensues.
Three years ago, I was only vaguely aware of this stuff,and only very recently has the Singularity aspect,other than just an odd math result, been brought to my attention.I support world peace and non-violence. Maybe it's as simple as The Mortar Fills the gaps...and every thing is solid again,maybe not,lets hope for the best for everyone, ImaginePeace.
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