15 October 2014

Belgrade Rated As Most Inexpensive City In Europe By Adac


BELGRADE (October 15, 2014) - When it comes to travel costs, Belgrade is the most inexpensive big city in Europe, showed the latest survey conducted by German automobile club ADAC as part of the European cooperation program “Euro-test”.

Out of 2o cities surveyed, Belgrade beat out all the European competition. Visitors to the average European city, according to ADAC, spent on average €106 euro per day.  Accordingly, such things as beer prices, headache pills, and other retail items were factored with tickets to attractions, and so forth, to determine relative visitor value. A “for instance” in Belgrade, Paris, London, Copenhagen, and Madrid far overshadow the Serbian capital with their expensiveness.

Belgrade tops the list compiled by ADAC, with the “most inexpensive” tag, as daily travel costs in the Serbian capital amount to around EUR 41, reports Deutsche Welle. Out of the 20 surveyed cities, five were graded as “very inexpensive”, eight as “very expensive”, three “expensive”, while the two capitals were described as “inexpensive” and “average”. On average, daily travel costs stand at EUR 106.

One of the tourist experts in Belgrade, Alex Petric from Rent Apartmani Beograd, said that it was already well know fact. "It was just a matter of time when will somebody conduct such research" he said. "On the other hand don't mix inexpensiveness with boredom. Everyone should meet Belgrade people and their way of life. Their kindness and hospitality is something that can not be found at most European capitals" he added.

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