16 April 2011

Wolfram Demonstrations Project : Game of Life in 3D Layers

 20 iterations


Calling it a game is assumptive. An assertion that cannot be proved logically or otherwise disproved.The linearity of the graphics fails because of assumed relativlty of constructs. If there is no relativity than any sort graphic is redundant.
YES it's true, the game of life does not mean Life is a game
This model is relative to the initial conditions of a brick, which I use to build houses with. Still though I think I appreciate your point, be real, you 'cannot eat money'.
To quote Dick Teresi:The Philosophizer Karl Popper introduced the requisite "falsification". A scientific theory or law can never be proved absolutely, but it should be able to be falsified. For example, Newton said that force equals mass times acceleration. We cannot prove that every object in every galaxy obeys this law or that all objects will always obey this law. (some of Newtons concepts have been proven wrong, by Albert Einstein and by Quantum physics).
However there remain problems with such a definition, as for example, most of evolutionary biology cannot be verified experimentally. If we take falsification too seriously we might have to exclude all science practiced by the ancient Greeks. The Greeks not only avoided experiment,they trusted reason over empirical evidence.
I am currently reading Daniel Dennett, on Mems and Jared Diamond, Guns Germs and Steel.
Thanks for your thoughts and time.

My thinking moves towards an unknown algebraic mixture of reasoning, empirical process, creative insight and the xfactors. Reasoning often fails because metaphorical dots of different colours are connected properly. Empirical process often fails as the nature of its constructs from start to finish is biased with subjective elements. Creativity insight is magic. The xfactor, well we still cannot make "planets” in seven days or so.

So…. that is my funny simple way of defining eternal exponential conundrums.

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