9 May 2011

Think Big

In this modern era with a global population of billions and projects that seemingly require monumental numbers of individual people to tackle before they are considered significant, it might make some people feel insignificant.  They therefore hide their heads in the sand and perform daily drudgery and menial tasks.

Instead, people need to remind themselves that they are living in an enriched world with tons of abundances in every form imaginable.  They must take their heads out of the sand and live a life worth living instead of performing daily details that are really of minor significance.  For example, people may spend hours commuting back and forth in their car every day, but that is not making true progress. They may clean their windows and make it look more beautiful, perhaps, but that also seems rather menial and insignificant.  Only by thinking big, releasing yourself from the drudgery and minutiae of 21st century post-industrial revolution living, can people achieve great deeds and acts for posterity to admire, respect, and have gratitude for making THEIR lives that much better.


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