15 June 2011

Harvesting Gravity #1

 Through my studies of science, I have learned that gravity is in fact, a conservative force.  So, why not utilize this abundant “conservative” force to “conserve” on our electric bills and use it to stretch out and to prolong our Earth’s natural resources that are now dwindling?  Since it seems I cannot get anyone to listen to what I have to share with my prototypes and with the demonstrations of my linear magnetic propulsion inventions and magnetic propulsion motor designs, I want to freely give this design away to anyone with the courage to listen.  So how do you harvest gravity?  You cannot simply build a hydroelectric dam in your backyard or in your home that can harvest from the weight and mass of a large body of water, otherwise referred to as free energy, or can you?  What would you say if I told you that there is truly a way to harvest gravity with many common commercial electrical motors built today?  First, you must determine the size of the rotational motor and its rotational foot-pounds of torque output.  Then, you must know how much rotational foot-pounds of torque that is required to drive the attached load.  Next, you securely affix a pendulum like weight to the driveshaft of the horizontally (Securely, as it will be subject to vibration) mounted motor - Not vertically- a pendulum like weight that has a weight and mass that exceeds the weight of foot-pounds of torque of the driven load by a margin, but that does not exceed the maximum load of the motor being used.  Next, set the motor with a pulse circuit control or simply use a limit switch to turn off the motor with the pendulum like weight at the top most point of rotation and a limit switch to turn the motor on with the pendulum like weight at the bottom most point of rotation.  With this design, if you would please, envision a simple teeter-totter or a see-saw at a child’s park, and recall that it is always the heavy child that does all of the work.  Please note that this will only work for low RPM devices, as the faster the rotation becomes, the less the gravity assist becomes and the more centrifugal force will override this effect.  What you truly have is a motor that harvests gravity on the downhill slope, and turns on and only utilizes electrical current on the uphill slope (be sure to calculate for in-rush current with properly sized heaters), operating on electrical energy for only half of the rotation, utilizing potentially half of the energy than before.  To verify and validate this design, simply use two identical variable speed motors, connect both to identical loads with only one utilizing the counterweighted pendulum and pulse or “off-on” interruption circuit.  Place both motors at the same RPM setting and place a wattmeter on both circuits; what I believe you will see is that the gravity assisted motor does in fact use less energy to operate, it is truly harvesting gravity and the energy consumption is now basically the force required to rotate the difference of the driven load and the ballasted pendulum weight, on only half of the rotation cycle.  If my permanent magnet motor designs cannot help change the world and make this a better place, maybe someone out there that has more resources than this enlisted man does, maybe they will eventually read this and make that change for me, for my children, for everyone.  I believe that the Creator of our world truly gave us everything that we ever needed.  Harvest gravity.  It is free and abundant, and unless you plan on leaving planet earth, it is everywhere - day and night.  Thank you for reading this, and I apologize if I did not know that it wasn’t possible, nobody has proven it otherwise.


cannot be that noone has not thought of a (cheap and easy) way to harvest it besides dams and the like. They all dismissed me, since I am not an engineer but at least someone else has come up with a plan! Cudos!!
Sorry but half my comment was erased for some reason. I was trying to say that I was discussing the same idea with friends and they all thoght that is is not possible. But I was certain that since this force is all around us and abundunt, it is bound for someone to have thought about a way to harvest it.
For those of you that do not believe me nor understand, I ask you to please research information about the pendulum effect, true this is not a pendulum, but if a motor rotates too fast yes, it will not ever realize the harvesting of gravity. Otherwise - yes it will, and the only energy expended will be that what is required to begin another gravity cycle.
Thank you kellilly Delete.
Take a ball and toss it up into the air...doesn't it always drop back down into your hand without any further added input or energy from you? Take a rock, or anything that can slide, place it on the side of a near vertical cutting board. Then, slide it upward, it should slide right back down to where it began minus all sources of friction because of gravity. This time place the cutting board horizontally and slide that same object. Did it come back to you? Of course it doesn't, but there a those that will tell you that gravity cannot be used to produce useable work.

This design is similar to the operation of a sewage lift station. In that type of system, energy to a motor or a pump, is expended only one time initially, to lift the "product", in this case "sewage", up to a higher potential energy level and then the product flows downhill through piping. Electrical energy does work on one portion of the system, gravity on the other. Does it actually matter if the weight is from the weight of sewage or if it was weight from another source, like the metal of a pendulum? It is possible; we all use the ability to harvest gravity every day, even the plumbing in your home, regardless if you decide to admit it or not.
Gravity may very well be a conservative force, but will you argue that it is not a downward force? So with this, all that you need is to apply the energy of an upward force on one half of a rotation-minimum, to harvest the downward force of gravity in a complete cycle? While you live on planet Earth I guarantee, that is all you need-to provide the energy for only one half of a rotation.
Sorry I don't believe you can gain energy this way. Force and energy is required from the pendulum to turn the generator, slowing the pendulum and stopping it from continuing its upward movement when generating electricity. Energy is required to move the pendulum to the top. The energy generated from the falling and the energy needed for the lifting would be equal.
Which is why the pendulum is designed of a weight that will always drive the system downward, you pay for or expend only the amount of energy required to get the pendulum back up over the top to start another gravity fall, a new cycle. If the attached pendulum does not have enough weight or mass to drive the entire attached system completely down, it must be made larger, otherwise heavier. The energy would be equal yes, but that is not the point, you only pay for the lifting on the upward rotation and the downward is free. The energy from the pendulum swing only drives the downward rotation. You may be more familiar with rotors that rotate at a high RPM, this driving system would be slow and the rotor would never obtain it’s moment of inertia. The electrical current from a conventional power supply to the motor drives only the upward swing. That’s cool that you don't believe, thanks for the comment!
Julian, do you believe that the Earth is round? Do you believe that gravity pulls down? Do you believe that a motor can drive an attached load upward? You get out what is put in.
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