25 June 2010

More Than One

Today, I'd like to share a couple of ideas from other people since I thought they were good ideas:

A lot of times, people get mentally stuck and think that they can only have one of a certain item, especially when having one of that item is a cultural norm. However, there are some situations that it would be more fitting to have more than one of that item. For example, I have a life coach who actually has two phones instead of one: a coaching line and another phone line where she could be readily reached at most times. That way, her clients could, in important situations, contact her even if she was coaching someone else. Similarly, the clients that she was coaching would not get a busy signal at the time of their appointment even if she was on another line with another prospective new client. I thought that this way of having more than one phone fit her situation well.

Another example is that I had a friend working in the computer industry. He said that at his company, they had three or four monitors and computers so that he could install and test programs simultaneously without having to wait so long for each one during the installation process. That seemed like an efficient way of using your time.In this way, having double, triple, quadruple, or quintiple the number of a certain item seems quite apt in many situations.

It may therefore be a good idea to consider once in a while that it would be appropriate to use more than one of a certain tool or device.


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