8 July 2011

Déjà Blue

 I want to set up a company where all varieties of business (large and small) can feed into each other. Just like an "open door" policy, small business' will have multiple opportunities to work with larger corporations to work with larger corporations to stimulate our economy. While simultaneously repairing our American dollar. Ideally, this idea for stimulation should be able to become an International tool. With a plan that is feasible for each country, It will make our NATO Policy even stronger and we can gain more respect for our country, while improving environmentally safe procedures.


This is my first Idea to put out in circulation.. Tell me what you think. Please!
Thank you
it's always good to have various components of a society flow seamlessly into another part
In principle I support the paradigm, however, I doubt the efficacy of such a proposition where it is underpinned with a nationalistic framework.
نموذج بالفعل رائع
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