27 June 2010

Climbing Over a Fence

A year or two ago, I saw a kid climbing over a fence into a park. The fence was not that high, so it was reasonably easy to climb over it and onto the other side. Nevertheless, it certainly made me question my own mental programming. I guess that I had been programmed for a long time that fences act as barrier, and not so much to be used as climbing over. If it was me, I would have just walked into the gate entrance where there was no barrier, and I could easily walk through it into the park. This principle of what the kid did is also similar to my idea on Taking the Pythagorean Route (, where you take the most efficient path.

I guess that there are both pros and cons of climbing over a fence. A pro would be that you do not let yourself be impeded by whatever barriers are set forth before you. It may also be reasonably good exercise by exercising some parts of your body that you otherwise would not be exercising. A con to climbing over a fence is that you make your life more difficult than it needs to be. By walking through the entrance without a fencing barrier, it may be a more leisurely choice.


from my own experience - and trust me, I climbed fences throughout my entire childhood - nothing is more pleasant than climbing fences or trees; I think you tend to be very philosophical about something that every kid spending time at their grandparents in the countryside do on a regular basis: run, climb fences, get dirty ;). this is so common that everybody realizes that, for a child, a fence can't be a problem; indeed, if you look it through the eyes of a grown-up, the fence represents more the limitations imposed by the society - but a kid doesn't have this problem; if I were to vote pro or against this idea - I think I've already answered :)
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