27 June 2010

Grocery Shopping with Wheels: An Eco-Friendly Green Solution

A few weeks ago, I decided to buy a knapsack with wheels. It makes some of my grocery shopping easier. Instead of carrying heavy bags from the grocery store all the way home, it is now much easier for me to just roll along whatever I have home. Another advantage of a knapsack with wheels is that I can just conveniently leave the handle tucked in when I go out, and then pull the handle out after I have finished the grocery shopping to pull home the grocery. It also helped that the knapsack that I bought wasn't too heavy, so it's easy just to carry it out with me normally. The wheels are also important when choosing a good knapsack, as it can make the pulling of the bags a lot easier.

20 years ago, I also suggested to my Dad to buy a similar device, and he bought a cart with rolling wheels, which also helps him move his grocery from his car back home. Therefore, even for short distances, having some type of wheeling system can help mobilize your grocery. In fact, these days with people more environmentally aware, having a wheeled solution for your grocery appears to be an eco-friendly green solution to minimize driving of cars, and being more environmentally friendly.


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