3 July 2010

The 5 Most Important Inventions of Humanity - Historical Ideas and Inventions Series

Hi, welcome to AeyTimes again. We're going to start another ideas series similar to the series on current events. This time, we're going to examine major and interesting historical inventions and ideas from the past. Feel free to contribute your comments or to post your own historical ideas. In the first of this series, we'll take a peak at perhaps what are the most important inventions of humanity. I've listed 5 of the most important inventions of humanity below:

(1) Language and Writing: Language and writing are such an integral part of being able to share ideas and to pass on important knowledge that people have learned, allowing people to build ever more sophisticated inventions based on the solid foundations laid from our ancestors.

(2) Mathematics and Engineering: Mathematics forms the basis of science and engineering, allowing precise measurements and construction of various tools and objects that people use. Through various branches of math, engineering feats have been much more easily and accurately performed, and scientific progress has been aided tremendously.

(3) Money: Although an abstract concept, the concept of money has driven our society to a large extent. Through the accumulation and storage of wealth in some form, people are able to use that money in other ways in the future. Money has immensely helped trade and to stimulate growth of new industries.

(4) Harnessing Electricity: Electricity has opened a whole new door to humanity in bringing the electronic, digital, and computer worlds to the reach of humans. With electronic devices, it allows a large variety of new tools and contraptions to be made and used.

(5) Computers: Computers, including the internet, have revolutionized the way that we work. Computers have transformed some mundane tasks into much more fun tasks for people.

Besides these inventions, many others are highly important. The invention of the telephone, for example, is a major breakthrough to allow people to communicate effortlessly through long distances. Agriculture, and stable settlements, such as villages, towns, and cities is also another highly important milestone in human development that has enabled people to gather together in more focused locations, and to allow people time to specialize or have time to learn other pursuits. In addition, recent air travel and space travel have been major advances to human civilization.

Feel free to add in the comments what you feel are some of the most important historical inventions of humanity.


Pythagorus went to Egypt,to study,and gave a proof of the right angle triangle,the Egyptians used binary summation,and zero became a number.The root of 5,is like the universal language ,mathematics and music
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I think these knowledge engines are unique examples of (5) Computers...iphones and mass availability
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