15 July 2010

Rotational Directions

I saw a really neat car the other day called the O-Zilla. What I found neat about it was the rotational movement of its door. I was interested in cars when I was really little, but I have never really followed up on it since then. I looked it up and found that this type of door has been around for more than 40 years, first found in the Lamborghini. They're also called scissor doors.

I thought that this was an interesting idea to open doors not in the regular horizontal X plane, but to be able to rotate the whole door. Therefore, the motion or direction is more of a rotation rather than a simple planar movement. For myself, this was quite fascinating, as most of the time I'm thinking about the X plane, the Y plane, or the Z plane, and not so much rotational directions.


I liked your observation about rotation,and it is true that we tend to simplify down to two dimensions,and then to intersecting planes.Space is observationally flat,but space time is curved,maybe this is over time,and directionally rotational.
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