5 October 2011

Social Media Optimization ( SMO ) on AeyTimes Idea Journal

Search engine optimization ( SEO ) has been a growing favorite among internet marketers in the past decade.  People who have engaged in improving their organic search results rankings have done incredibly well in improving the profits of their corporations, as many people these days enjoy purchasing products and browsing consumer goods online. 

With the advent of social media, some of these internet marketers have also increased their attention to social media optimization ( SMO ) and social web marketing.  Although perhaps more time consuming than search engine optimization and less easy to quantitate results, social media optimization offers benefits of aligning known or established people with popular brands.  SMO is hence an additional strategy that companies can effectively use to promote their organization or increase sales.

AeyTimes Idea Journal is a great platform that combines innovative, interesting ideas shared from people with the opportunity to merge with the social web.  AeyTimes can thus be easily used as a powerful social media marketing tool for social media marketers to increase the visibility and branding of their products to other internet users, as well as share with consumers what is the benefit of their product as an idea.



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