9 January 2016

Blade & Soul OBT Official Trailer

 Blade & Soul's Korean OBT is almost here! In less than five days Blade & Soul will be taking a huge leap forward, drawing ever so closely to the highly anticipated official Korean launch, which of course brings us closer to our NA and EU versions!

With the OBT right around the corner, Team Bloodlust decided to leave us with a stunning promotional video to help us pass the excruciatingly short time left until servers officially open up. 

Blade & Soul's Korean OBT servers go live on June 21st at 4:00pm KST (Korean time). Be sure to check up on the Dojo throughout the event for complete coverage and community discussions! Also, don't forget to check out the Dojo's official livestream! We'll be streaming everyday during NA prime time!It is known that you can get more information by click here.
Have OBT access? Join us in-game on the Dojo's "official" server, 이심전심. Be sure to pick the Lawful League (Blue) faction if you'd like to join the Dojo's guild. You get to choose your faction at around levels 20-25, once you enter the Grand Desert zone (second zone). 

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