18 January 2016

Looking for Free ping reducer

Tried reducing latency by picking VPN's closer to Tera (US east coast hosted) yesterday, my ping actually increased and I have access to a loooooot of Cheap BNS Gold tunnels.IF you wanted to use a VPN to tunnel through you'd have to have a dedi that you only use for that purpose and isn't shared with anyone else on a gigabit line.

 You'd pay roughly 200 bucks a month for that. The best way to reduce your ping a bit the old fashion way is 1) switch DNS servers if your ISP has slow DNSes, 2) Flush your DNS cache every now and then (you could make a scheduled script for that, its just one command in cmd, ipconfig /flushdns ) 3) reduce hops in your own network, remove switches, routers, make a direct connection if possible (it could scrape off between 10-30ms or Buy BNS Goldmore if your gear is really bad) and that's pretty much it as far as I know. You could move in at the datacenter if they have an empty rack lol your ping would be like ~1ms.


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