19 January 2016

Juwol server

All servers have significant queue times. The bots are flooding the game, and NCSoft has not made Cheap Blade And Soul Gold any efforts to diminish queue times(ie: short inactive timeout, human recognition prompt box, spambot identification/autoban). NCSoft, in an alarmingly sociopathic move, is also manipulating the priority queues to display a very small number(usually under 10) for people without premium, but then showing the real numbers(usually 500-2000+) after you buy premium.

 Oh, they also haven't bothered to enable placeholders for people who suddenly disconnect(crash), so when that inevitably happens to you 10 minutes after sitting in the queues for 3 hours, you will have to go to the back of the line. That is litraly what happened to me crashed after 10 minutes of play reloged into a queue Played last night at launch on this server and didnt have a wait time, tonight im getting #2000 que placement 30 minutes, Juwol was a recommeneded server so i assume it Cheap Blade And Soul Gold was one of the very low pop ones, are all the servers maxed out with people now or are there ones with no que time still?


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