20 January 2016

Item Transfers Off High Queue Servers - Deadline: 12 PM PST (8 PM UTC) Wednesday, January 20

We’ve received an overwhelming number of requests from players requesting their item transfers from Mushin or Windrest to a new server and we thank you for your patience for going through the process with us to improve the Cheap Blade And Soul Gold overall game experience. We initially offered the item transfer option to help players start a new character on a new server because Mushin and Windrest had a disproportionate number of players thus creating a high queue during early access. Now that the game has officially launched and through various efforts the population on our servers are fairly balanced, we are closing the option to transfer items from Mushin or Windrest to a new character on a different server on 12 PM PST (8 PM UTC) Wednesday, January 20. If you are interested in moving your items from Mushin or Windrest, please submit your request before 12 PM PST (8 PM UTC) Wednesday, January 20. Existing requests and new requests before the deadline will be honored and processed. Our Support team has helped numerous players through this manual transfer and will assist you on yours as soon as they can. We thank you for your patience! -------------------------------- The response to Blade & Soul’s Head Start has been amazing, and we’re thankful to see so many players logging into and enjoying the game. As some of you may know, the servers Mushin (NA) and Windrest (EU) have very long queues, which can mean hours of waiting to log in and play. While other servers are nearing cap and have a healthy concurrency, they haven’t quite seen queues yet, and we’re highly encouraging players who are not committed to a particular server to recreate their characters elsewhere to avoid long wait times to log in to the game. Many of you have expressed a desire to move off Mushin and Windrest, but have concerns about losing Founder’s Pack items and anything already purchased with NCoin. If you are on Mushin or Windrest and interested in starting on a new server, you can open a support ticket under Gameplay and we’ll be able to help you manually transfer your Founder’s Pack items to a new character. These manual Founder’s Pack item and name transfers will do the following: Transfer your Founder’s Pack items onto your new character. Refund any NCoin spent on purchased items (except gifted items and Premium Membership, which is account-wide) so you Blade & Soul Gold may repurchase your items on the new character. Rename your new character to be the same as your previous character. Delete your Mushin/Windrest character that had your original Founder’s Pack and NCoin items.


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