19 March 2016

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PayDrill review details focus on Changing The Way You Look At Your Paypal Account Forever by easily Uncovering Data & Metrics that Paypal does not show you. The growth in electronic commerce has lead to a change in shopping habits of people around the world. Online payment wallets like Paypal have become more and more popular ensuring benefits and safety for both sellers and customers.
The only disadvantage of Paypal is its high transition fee which makes it hard for the seller to save money for his business. To tackle this problem, a brand new support tool called PayDrill is launched to make your Paypal experience better, faster and smarter. What Is PayDrill?
PayDrill is an amazing tool that provides you with detailed analysis of all your transactions at blazing speeds. It allows you to get even the minutest key metrics related to your business that a normal Paypal app doesn't show you.
You can easily access all the details like peak order time, average value per product, most refunded items, most loyal customers, Paypal out fee and average value per product. The tool is beautifully designed to make your Paypal experience safe and smooth.
Also, you can check best PayDrill bonus in the market out there. Major Functions : PayDrill provides its user with a wide variety of useful tools which can be used to perform the functions listed below. Customer Data : Whenever a transaction occurs on Paypal, it includes a large amount of data related to the customers like their address, amount of money spent, their business name, date and time of transaction and the product name.
With PayDrill you can easily find the customers or partners by their name without spending much time going through the Papal details and credentials. The advance search engines will help you to find your account within seconds making it easier for customers to make payments without any hassle.
Key Metrics About Business : The most important key for a successful online business is the availability of detailed customer data. PayDrill helps you to get all the information related to your products and expenses along with a detailed summary of all your loyal customers. The tool also allows its user to double check the payment status for better accuracy and to avoid fraud transactions which can cause harm to your business.
Packages Offered : PayDrill comes in four major packages to suit the needs of customers as well as the sellers. The front end PayDrill helps you to keep a track of all the basic details like transaction value, names of customers and date and time of transaction. The PayDrill Pro provides you with high end features like key insights and a data record of over 20,000 customers.
The next package offered by the company is PayDrill Enterprises which helps you to link a maximum of five Paypal accounts to the tool. You can easily use this for multiple businesses which will help you to see all the data at one place. The last package offered is the PayDrill Reseller which provides you with a licence to sell their products. Using Paypal for all your business needs doesn't guarantee for reliable and safe transactions.

 You need a product like PayDrill which can help in expansion of your business by providing its customers with essential tools which will take your business to new heights. For more information about us, please visit

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