19 April 2016

Click 4 Warranty Is Now Offering Quality Financial & Service Driven Insurance Products

Click 4 Warranty is having over 20 years of experience in providing quality, financial and service driven insurance products to the automotive sector. It has been offering the finest quality services to its clients since its inception. With the advent of the Internet they met an opportunity to sell the same quality products to their clients directly, bypassing the dealer networks, thus saving the client’s both money and time.

Click 4 Warranty provides coverage against breakdown due to wear & tear included as standard, No service history is required along with 21 day money back guarantee and cover from Day 1. Click 4 Warranty offers one Mechanical Breakdown Insurance Policy with one clear set of terms and benefits. They are proud of themselves for their customer service and quality products. A. Wilbrew, one of their customers, on October 2008 reviewed that "It is good to know that when problems are encountered that there is someone who will swiftly endeavor to resolve them." T. Hemming, another customer, on October 2008 reviewed that “I have just renewed my warranty with yourselves and was delighted to see you now offer 2 and 3 year warranties. I am sure I was not the only customer requesting you increase the policy lengths, Bravo for listening to us and reacting!"

About Click 4 Warranty:
Click 4 Warranty offers the best car insurance, car warranty and automobile insurance to its clients. In the year 2003, Redsands Insurance Company became their partner, immediately providing them a way to launch new innovative products. This resulted in quality, flexible insurance products at affordable prices which are easy to purchase. Click 4 Warranty, with over 20 years of experience is offering quality, financial and service driven insurance products to the automotive sector.

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